Packed walnut halves consist of no less than 80% halves or per buyer specification. They are packed in 22 lb. cases.


Packed walnut halves and pieces consist of a minimum of 20% halves and the rest in pieces. They are packed in 25 lb. cases.


Packed in shell walnuts consist of jumbo/large walnuts. They are packed in 55 lb. sacks.


Walnuts are ready for harvest by October. The fruit is shaken from the tree mechanically, collected and transferred into trailer hoppers ready for cleaning and the drying process.
The walnuts are then transported to the walnut huller. The walnuts are dumped into a pit where it will go through a series of cleaning procedures. The walnuts go through the de-sticker, where sticks/rocks are removed. Then the walnuts are washed and proceed to the huller which removes the green hull.

They are looked over by electronic sorters before proceeding into the drying bins. The ideal moisture is 7%.
Once the walnuts are hulled and dried, the process of shelling begins. During the process, they are sized into extra large, large, medium, and bits. The halves are laser sorted, cleaned of all the shell, membrane, and dark pieces of walnuts. Then the clean walnuts are ready to be packaged.